Introducing EVerlast-A

EVerlast-A is Specially Formulated To Reduce Wear Of The Contact/Connector Surfaces And Provide Increased Electrical Conductivity That Reduces Connector Heating During The EV Charging Cycle. It is the only heavy duty electrically conductive lubricant specially designed and tested to be used on the J1772 connectors in the EV charging stations.

EV charging unit

The Problem

As with all connectors, those used to charge EV batteries are subject to corrosion and wear in ANY environment. This connector wear may not only lead to degradation of performance, requiring longer charging times, but also to the need for replacement of parts.

EV charging unit

The Solution

Ohmega-Z-Products has designed EVerlast-A, a new product tailored specifically for EV recharging station connectors, to keep them working in optimum condition and an inexpensive way to incorporate connector life protection early on.

silver powder

Pure Silver

EVerlast-A is formulated with pure silver powder to improve electrical conductivity and is blended with a non-hydrocarbon oil and a powerful lubricant to reduce contact/connector friction. Capable of an upper temperature of 280C, EVerlast-A is more powerful than any other contact lubricant on the market today.

Everlast-A's unique combination of electrically conductive and slippery components will enhance the service life of any frequently mated power connectors.

We are looking for Field Testers

Any catastrophic failure or even performance degradation of the connectors in the charging circuit will require replacement of not only the J1772, but also the mating connector in the EV. While the replacement costs have not yet been published by the connector companies, it is estimated to be over $800.

We whole-heartedly believe that along with regular maintenance, EVerlast-A will extend the life of connectors by protecting them from premature wear and eventual failure that lead to these repairs, replacement costs and down time. To solidify this, we need help.

Ohmega-Z-Products is looking for an EV Charging Station Manufacturer to conduct field testing of this new and exciting product. For free samples & additional information, contact us today.

Contact Us Today

For free samples & additional information, please contact:
John Ebbinghaus

About John Ebbinghaus


John Ebbinghaus

John started solving electrical conductivity problems about 35 years ago by inventing products that are still manufactured and sold by Prohmtect. His assignments, while working at two top aerospace companies, were to advance the state-of-the-art guidance systems as well as investigating root-cause of field and production failures. In early 2017, John formed Ohmega-Z-Products to continue to design and invent new products to prevent electrical connector failures.

Free samples are available for Beta tesing of EVerlast-A. In turn for free samples, we ask that the recipient sign an NDA and agree to report the approximate number of connector insertions and any noticeable improvement or degradation of the charging cycle.